Building a bridge over inequalities faced by immigrant and refugee women

Our collaboration with Newcomer Women's Services Toronto is to support Immigrant and refugee women while they work toward economic empowerment and upward mobility.

The Sister2Sister program will build the capacity of newcomer and immigrant women with a curriculum tailored to their needs and aspirations through education and training in soft and hard skills, leadership development and employment human rights. The program aims to put immigrant women back into the job market expediently and launch them on a journey towards self-actualization and will empower newcomer women to “thrive beyond survive” in the Canadian workplace.
Newcomer women Toronto
This is a six-month program where the sisters will join for the first three months to receive training and education in project management, leadership development, workplace communication and human rights, as well as public speaking and self-advocacy. Upon successfully completing all program components and upon graduation, the sisters will be placed in an internship for three months where they will be afforded the opportunity to work part time and apply their knowledge in a workplace, collaborate on different projects, and gain Canadian experience.
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Some important statistics 

  • 97% of participants rated the program as exceeding their expectations.

  • 100% of participants said the program successfully met their needs.

  • 100% said they would participate in this experience again.

  • 94% rated the one-on-one counselling sessions as helpful.

  • 85% of participants have met their goals, are planning for their future and/or making changes in their communities.

  • 30% of participants have secured employment as a result of participating in the program, while 40% went into further training or education, and 18% became more involved in the community.