Our collaboration with the Komenda Project in supporting education + Development for children in the small village of Komenda Ghana


 The Vision: The Komenda Project is a nonprofit focused on providing education and mentorship to create long-term change in underprivileged communities. Their vision is to empower and enable underprivileged children and youth to make sustainable change in their communities through educational, mentorship and support programs and provide training resources to improve the lives of youth. Learn More

The need: Students are unable to afford basic school supplies such as textbooks, notebooks and stationery, which has affected their education poorly. The literacy levels of students continue to drop sharply because parents cannot afford to keep up with the financial burden associated with education.

The Impact: Through our collaboration with The Komenda Project, we were able to donate $560, which was used to buy school kits. The school kits were given to 100 students and 30 teachers at the St Michael & all Angels Anglican Primary School in Komenda, Ghana.

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School Kits

School kits from 2021 Give back project



Children in Komenda Ghana 

St Michael & all Angels Anglican Primary School in Komenda, Ghana



*The Komenda Project is an incorporated not-for-profit organization in Canada Funds donated here will be sent directly to this organization.


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