These items are made in a South East London studio. They are made to order and never overproduced. At the Wild Fawn they believe in quality over quantity and enduring minimal designs.  Emma and her all female team make beautiful pieces using eco-friendly methods, plastic-free packaging and recycled metal. Wild Fawn is committed to creating timeless jewellery that is perfect for everyday to be worn forever, not just one season.
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How It's Made

Each piece of jewellery is handmade in their London studio. Emma is a registered Fairtrade gold user, which means that the gold she uses to make each piece of jewellery is either recycled or produced fairly and transparently. Buying Fairtrade gold helps to build miners futures by investing in social projects such as new schools and healthcare, and most importantly, to make their own way to prosperity. Silver and gold can be melted down and made into new jewellery so nothing ever goes to waste.

Arlokea Impact-Wild Fawn

Wild Fawn is, and has always been, committed to creating timeless jewellery with little use of resources and minimal impact on the environment."


A little about Europe

Europe is made up of many countries including the United Kingdom. England, where Emma's studio is located, is part of the UK. England is known for its castles and historic houses. It is known for its beautiful green country side and rolling hills.  


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